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Table Skirts

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Whether you are an event coordinator for a major convention facility or for a small banquet hall, you recognize that every event is somewhat unique. It's important to keep a good selection of basic decorative elements stocked in common color choices that serve as the foundations for creating the right effect at every activity. Table skirts are important for display tables at many types of events and simple table skirts should be a part of your basic stock if you are to host a variety of events. provides you with high quality table skirting at affordable prices. 

Trade show table skirts are excellent for display tables, and we carry several lengths in basic color choices.

It's important to consider the perimeters of your tables and to determine in each event situation how much table skirting is needed to provide sufficient coverage. Full coverage trade show table skirts are needed for tables that are in open areas while partial coverage is better for tables used at the perimeters of booth displays. Banquet table skirts can be used individually or together. Banquet table skirts are also excellent for refreshments, dessert and gift table displays.