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Title: Pack of 4 Vases



Whimsical shape and transparent delicacy make this vase and riser a statuesque showpiece for weddings, birthdays, receptions, anniversaries, special celebrations, or even for adding sheer luxury to your everyday world! Intricately crafted by our expert artisans, this hand-blown glass vase and riser features a classy flared shape and a fluted opening that is wide enough to hold our Hydrangea or Rose Pomander Kissing Balls with tasteful vase fillers like Acrylic Ice Crystals, Jelly Filler Balls, Pearls, Diamond Confetti, Silk Petals, Colorful Sands, Shells, or Glitters, enhancing the elegance of this glam piece. The see-through glass lets you exhibit flamboyant decorations in the most extravagant manner, imparting your tabletops and floor decorations a sophisticated appeal.

Additional Information:

  • Material : Glass
  • Quantity : 4
  • Height : 20"
  • Opening : 6"
  • Base : 4"
  • Note : Flowers and other decorations are not included
  • Uses : Wedding, Party, Event, Banquet, Decoration